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Computer Science Principles

Course Description: Computer Science Principles’s Computer Science Principles (CSP) curriculum is a full-year, rigorous, entry-level course ​that introduces high school students to the foundations of modern computing. The course covers a broad range of foundational topics

such as programming, algorithms, the Internet, big data, digital privacy and security, and the societal impacts of computing. The course is designed for typical school settings with teachers in classrooms. All teacher and student materials are provided for free online.

Curriculum Overview and Goals:

Computing affects almost all aspects of modern life and all students deserve access to a computing education that prepares them to pursue the wide array of intellectual and career opportunities that computing has made possible. This

Course seeks to provide students with a “future proof” foundation in computing principles so that they are adequately prepared with both the knowledge and skills to live and meaningfully participate in our increasingly digital society, economy, and culture.

Units Covered:

Unit 1 – The Internet

Unit 2 – Digital Information

Unit 3 – Introduction to Programming

Unit 4 – Big Data and Privacy

Unit 5- Building Apps

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